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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Test how mobile-friendly your site is

Google launched new tool for testing mobile friendliness of websites. You can check how is your website is performing on various devices like mobile, laptop, desktop devices. This Tool is Powered by Pagespeed Insights.

User Interface:

Test how mobile-friendly your site is

Just like the other product interface, the UI design of this tool is also clean & concise.
There is text-box where you need to paste the link of your website, and then click on TEST NOW button.

After you click the button, it shows you the result with Score out of 100

When you scroll down, You will get the details about the points listed above. There is call to action button which shows you "What to Fix"

You can also get the detailed report on your email.

At the end of the page, there is link where Google listed few platforms that simplify site building. These are as below:
  1. WIX
  2. DUDA
All an all this is the best tool for analyzing your website against mobile friendliness. Checkout the Tool here -

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