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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gmail provides opportunity to express in Mail with Themes & Emoji

Give a Makeover to Your Gmail Inbox and Mails

Everyone loves customization and Express themselves. Google is the one who listen to the silent whispers from user's mind and update its platform to more user friendly Google Products. From Search Engine to Android Lollipop google made many positive changes in their products.

Last Week Google added new feature

Yesterday, new post added on Gmail Blog, about updates for Gmail Inbox. There are two major updates.

Themes & Emoji

Themes - The Theme database is increased with new high resolution themes & You can also upload your themes (Yay)

Image Source: Official Gmail Blog

Emoji - To express your feelings you use emoji on almost every social media sites, apps. Google took this into consideration and added Emoji in their mail. Take a look here:

Image Source: Official Gmail Blog

So give a makeover to your Gmail Inbox and Mail.

Happy Mailing!

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